Hoisting Equipment Manufacturer

Renqui Wanhua Lifting Machinery Co. is a dependable lifting and material handling solutions provider. We provide our customers with lifting equipment like our miniature electric hoists, chain blocks, lever blocks, electric wire rope hoists, multi-functional hoists, and much more. These are adaptable pieces of lifting equipment and can be produced with different voltages and weight ratings depending on your usage location and application. Our customers are from a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. Today, we do business in the United States, Russia, Mexico, India, and many other countries around the world. We have established sales and after-sales centers in Asia, Europe, and North America and we have our sights set on continuing to grow. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

    1. Overhead Electric Hoist
    2. Overhead Electric Hoist The miniature electric hoist is simple in structure and easy to install. It is suitable for lifting items weighing under 2T. It is especially suitable for lifting heavy articles from lower levels in high buildings.
    1. Air and Ground Electric Winch/ Hoist
    2. Air and Ground Electric Winch/ Hoist The Wanhua multifunctional electric hoist is produced with 220V and 380V power supply options. It is powered cooperatively by a conical-rotor brake motor and ordinary motor.
    1. Electric Cable Hoist
    2. Electric Cable Hoist Our electric cable hoist is lightweight and small lifting equipment. Most electric hoists can be operated by people with a button on the ground, or can be operated in the driver's cab or by remote control.
    1. Chain Hoist
    2. Chain Hoist A chain hoist is a simple and portable manual lifting machine, which is suitable for short-distance lifting of small equipment and goods. This product can perform well especially in open air and power-free occasions.
    1. Lever Hoist
    2. Lever Hoist The lever hoist is a device that makes use of manpower applied on the handle to get traction matching the load under the lever principle. This product has the advantages of compact structure, light weight and is easy to carry.
    1. Manual Trolley
    2. Manual Trolley Manual trolleys can be divided into two types: beam trolleys and manual trolleys. A beam trolley is driven by a hand chain and manual trolleys are driven by manual pushing.